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Pro Version Only: $329

Includes free shipping, 14 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on parts and labor!


bandStream is a home theater system that allows you to watch any TV Shows, Movies, Sports and live streams, most are available in HD quality.

14 Day Money Back guarantee!
Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty!

Watch the video to see the bandStream in action and just a small portion of what you can see on it.

No Monthly Fees,

Unlimited Movies 
and TV Shows

No Contracts,

Best Guarantee of available!


bandStream is a small device that allows you to watch unlimited content on you connected TV through a supplied 4K approved HDMI cable. Movies, TV Shows, Music, Sports and Live TV all at your fingertips.

If you are tired of paying $100s per month for cable or satellite TV, then still having to pay for Netflix, Hulu or other services to get what you want, and paying more for sports and more recent movies, yes, bandStream is perfect for you.

Once you buy the device there is nothing further to pay, ever, With bandStream there is no contracts, no monthly fees, no obligations. The device is yours and we won't and can't shut it down. We provide a host and not that content, this means no matter what happens with us you still have your home theater solution. 

100%. One of the best comparisions we have heard is to that of music. If you listen to the song on someones phone that is perfectly legal. However, if you copy that song and put it on your phone, what they call taking possession of the content, that is where it becomes illegal. No content is downloaded to the device. We take great care to make sure of this on our supported features. 


Why is ours better?

Unlike many of the TV boxes out there we do not run an Android based box, that's like trying to run a home theater system from your phone or tablet. Instead, we use a real mini computer running a modified Linux system, which is used on business servers. This allows us to create a more responsive user interface that can stream up to 4K content. A 64 bit processor, DDR3 ram, up to 5G Wifi speeds, or hard wire your connection for an even more stable connection. We are also the only device in our class that offers a lifetime warranty on parts and labor as well as a 14 day money back guarantee! We give you everything you need, the device, 4K HDMI cable, Wifi card, wireless keyboard controller with colored backlighting and even a network cable. Try us and you will see the difference.  

Up to 4K Video
Shielded Wi-Fi
Real Computer

Device Info

A real mini computer to power your home theater. 

With a real computer and Quad core processor, not an Android device, and DDR3 RAM you can stream the content you want when you want it with up to 5G wifi speeds! 

Image for display purposes only. Case and other items subject to change.


bandStream is the best streaming device on the market in its class.

I am watching TV 24 / 7 and I've watched all the new movies and any other movie that I can think of.

I love that I can watch great quality movies even before they are released on Blu-ray, and I can also watch my tv shows such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, etc. We watch American Horror Story and I assumed I would have to wait a day like other streaming devices, but we were able to watch the brand new episode on the same night it aired, commercial free!

Their customer service is beyond exceptional!! We got the box just before the weekend and had some connectivity hiccups. I messaged them not expecting a response until Monday. Nope! They responded Saturday night and during the day Sunday. After still having some issues they suggested we try to switch out the boxes. They spent a great amount of time in office with me being sure I felt comfortable navigating and using the box. Our new box had a speed test option which showed just how terrible our internet connection is. They offered to come to our house and trouble shoot with us. After they came it's been working flawlessly! Can't say enough about how impressed we are with their customer service and the options we now have available to us! (Sorry about the novel)


860 West Riverdale Road
Ogden, UT 84405






Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.