Connecting to Wifi
Scroll over on the main menu to Settings and press the down arrow, scroll over to NetWork Settings and press OK. On the menu on the left scroll down to Connections and press OK, on the right hand side select your WiFi ID and press OK, select Connect and press OK. If needed add your Password to your WiFi and press OK.
Finding Your MAC ID
We are moving to a new system and need the MAC ID of the devices for the future updates, To find your MAC ID scroll to Settings and press the down arrow. Scroll over to System Info and Press OK. On the left hand side scroll to Network, then it should show the MAC ID on the right hand side of the screen. You can send this via email or FaceBook messenger.
Streaming and Content
At bandStream we do not host or store any of the content, therefore we cannot guarantee that content will be available, or the reliability or quality of any of the sources, such as buffering, freezing or getting kicked off. Movies and content will be added as it becomes available.
Where do I find Live TV
Live TV is available as a sub menu to the main Live TV, highlight and press the down arrow. You get access to 100s of live tv channels. More channels (and Mainstream Channels), like local stations, and major networks are avaialble to premium subscribers and can be accessed from the main menu under Premium, then press the down arrow and select PlatinumTV and press ok. Local stations for cities around the country are listed under Networks.
I'm getting a Geo-Blocked error
This will normally mean you have an internet connection issue, check your connection or WiFi settings, or you are not in a country where TubiTV is available.
No connections listed in Network connections
It can take up to 45-60 seconds to scan the networks. If its still not showing try restarting the device and then allowing some time to show up.
How can I check my connection speed
Scroll over on the main menu to Settings, then press the DOWN arrow (not OK) then scroll over to SpeedTest and press OK, then press OK to run the test when it shows up.
What is causing my buffering
Buffering can have a nuber of reasons, the main causes are a slow or inconsistant internet connection. Many wifi connections will drop their speed greatly as people get on and off or when other devices on the network assess data (like checking emails, etc). Another issue can be on the server side. When the servers become very busy it can cause issues. Sometimes closing the connection and reconnecting can improve the issues.